The Man Behind The Masterpiece

Chef Clinton CJ Jackson

The Beginging of
The Masterpiece:

Creativity is defined as the invention or origin of any new thing. With his mind set on success, Clinton Jackson-Potts has allowed his creativity to take him to new dimensions in culinary arts. Chef Clinton, affectionately called CJ, has bad an affinity for cooking since he was a small child. He used this passion to focus on culinary arts by going to Jefferson Davis High School for Hotel & Restaurant Management. C.J. then transitioned to The Culinary Arts Institute where he graduated at the top of his class.


After graduation, Chef Clinton pursued a career working in restaurants, and well known catering companies around the Houston Metropolitan area

Such as: Swift + Co (Action Chef)

              Fresh Foods Catering (Action Chef)

              Higher Dimension Church (Head Chef)

              Crave Gourmet & Bakery (Sous. Chef)

              Rice University (Chef - Instructor)

While sitting under the guidance of these stunning chefs from the likes of Chef Mark, Chef Cheeley, and Chef Tarsha Gary; Clinton realized that he had what it took to start his own company. From this, CJ's Masterpiece was developed in early October 2010.


CJ's Mastepiece is a modern yet chic catering company where excellence is the standard. Stepping Out Of The Box, this company goes above and beyond to give each customer an individual experience.


With a young yet classical influenced approach to turning food into an Art-form, the CJ's Masterpiece Team offers a wide range of services to a very diverse clientele. From a private dinner, Corporate office party, wedding, church luncheon, or even a 2yr old birthday party, CJ personalizes every detail of the whole culinary experience!!!